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Terms and Conditions



1. ALL cake designs can be customised but the result is dependent on the information given  by the customer. The interpretation of customers’ bespoke requirements and amends to the core designs are approved by the customer during the order process


2. Mad About Cake Wales will do its best to match any colour requests for icing but we cannot guarantee an exact  match as colour present differently in different materials. We aim for a perfect match but this is not always possible


3.Collection of cakes:  it is the responsibility of the client to check the order upon collection and inform us of any issues prior to leaving the premises . Mad About Cake Wales takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur after collection as it is the responsibility thereafter of the client.


4. For cakes delivered to wedding venues: it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the safety of the product after successful  delivery and set up at the  place of the clients choosing. Pictures of successful delivery and set up can be provided by Mad About Cake Wales as conclusive evidence of this.  Any damage caused thereafter is the responsibility of the client or venue.


5. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any refunds given ARE at the discretion of Mad About Cake Wales


6. Cancellations must be received a minimum of 1 week for Celebration cakes or 1 month for wedding cakes prior to the agreed delivery/collection date. Orders not cancelled within these times will result in the customer being liable for the full balance.

7. Payment for all orders need to be paid in full prior to collection or delivery. For wedding cakes this is 1 month before the wedding date and celebration cakes 1 week before collection. Failure to do so may result in your order not being started or completed.


8. Failure to collect orders within 24 hours of the arranged collection date and time  will result in your order being either resold or disposed of, and will be non refundable.


Cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage occurring.

Please take care when displaying your cake at your occasion to avoid direct sunlight, spotlights or candles creating damage to the cake decorations. Hand-painted cakes are especially vulnerable to heat and light damage. All cakes are designed to withstand normal and reasonable display conditions. Special requirements regarding display suitability will be discussed during the consultation process. Mad About Cake Wales accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged during display at your occasion.

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